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Writing Nextdoor

Nextdoor should be written as one string of letters. Only the “N” is capitalized. All other letters should be lowercase.

Correct: Nextdoor
Incorrect: NextDoor, Next Door, Next door, nextdoor, next door

Member Privacy

Nextdoor’s first priority is protecting the privacy of its members. When constructing a Nextdoor story, please avoid revealing the identity or personal information of ANY Nextdoor member without first getting that member’s written permission. The only website that can be shown (stills or otherwise) online, print, or broadcast is our demo website. This is a demo website that looks exactly like live Nextdoor websites. Content is based on actual Nextdoor member interactions, but details have been changed to protect members’ privacy.

Media Contacts

For media inquiries, email us at press@nextdoor.com.

For customer support, please contact us here.