Welcome to Nextdoor’s Policy Hub!

As a platform designed to connect neighbors and strengthen local communities, Nextdoor is committed to maintaining the trust and safety of everyone who uses our platform. We believe that transparency and accountability are key to achieving this goal, which is why we have created this Policy Hub. It will evolve over time to include more content about moderation policies, what topics we care deeply about in the regulatory space, and the principles that guide our thinking. 

We invite you to explore our Policy Hub and learn more about how Nextdoor works to protect the well-being of our neighbors while fostering community connections. Thank you for being a part of our mission to build stronger neighborhoods together.

Transparency reports

In February 2024, Nextdoor released our third annual Transparency Report, diving deeper into Nextdoor’s impact on neighborhood vitality. Key highlights include data across product, policy, and moderation initiatives, supporting Nextdoor’s purpose to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

Building on last year, key findings from the 2023 Transparency Report include:

  • Consistently low levels of harmful content: Reports of harmful content make up less than half a percent (.29%) of all content on Nextdoor.
  • Product innovations to promote constructive conversations: A small group of neighbors, less than half a percent, produce almost 60% of removed content, mainly in comments, yet they also contribute positively with many unreported posts. Nextdoor launched “Kindness Tips” to serve as a supportive tool to remind neighbors who have had content previously removed about best practices for fostering constructive conversations.
  • A growing and successful, community-based approach to moderation: Nearly 200,000 volunteer community moderators on Nextdoor reviewed 90% of reported content and did so efficiently, with a median removal time of 5.3 hours. This rapid response is pivotal in maintaining the health and safety of Nextdoor’s online neighborhood.
  • The positive impacts of blending humanity and technology: The integration of generative AI into our Kindness Reminder has been transformative. In 2023, 36% of neighbors prompted by either the AI or traditional Kindness Reminder chose to revise or withhold their messages. 26% of neighbors who encountered our generative AI-revised text adopted the suggestion and published more constructive content. Overall, exposure to the Kindness Reminder and AI Kindness Reminder reduced the creation of content that violated the Community Guidelines by 15%. Only 0.16% of neighbors provided feedback on the AI Kindness Reminder, indicating high satisfaction.

Neighbors can read the full 2023 Transparency Report HERE, 2022 Transparency Report HERE, and the 2021 Transparency Report HERE.