Nextdoor helps neighbors spread joy this holiday season with its first ever Neighborhood Give Back

Nextdoor helps neighbors spread joy this holiday season with its first ever Neighborhood Give Back

Company partners with Feeding America® to encourage neighbors to help end hunger and give back to their communities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 6, 2022 — Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND), the neighborhood network, is empowering neighbors to give back to their neighborhoods this holiday season with its first ever “Neighborhood Give Back.” Staying true to Nextdoor’s commitment to cultivating a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on, the Neighborhood Give Back unites neighbors around the common goal of helping others, driving action both online and in real-life. Additionally, Nextdoor is partnering with Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S., to encourage neighbors to leverage Nextdoor’s “Sell for Good” feature to support efforts led by Feeding America. Whether it’s donating to one’s community, gathering together, or supporting local business, neighbors are encouraged to participate in the Neighborhood Give Back throughout the month of December. 

“As we enter the holiday season, the rising cost of food continues to impact communities and our neighbors’ ability to make ends meet, much less celebrate holidays that often revolve around food,” said Jennifer Polk, Chief Marketing & Digital Engagement Officer of Feeding America. “It’s incredible to work with Nextdoor this holiday season, partnering with communities in the mission to end hunger by providing another way neighbors can support neighbors during a time of increased need.”

“Kindness is the fabric of society that makes life vibrant and every day, we see neighbors weaving good will into their communities and inspiring those around them,” said Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar. “This year, many of our neighbors may be in need of support. The Neighborhood Give Back is an opportunity to turn inspiration into action and together with Feeding America, neighbors can play an active and meaningful role in supporting their communities.” 

The Impact of Kindness

In an academic research study commissioned by Nextdoor and Verizon and conducted by, kindness from neighbors was found to be a key predictor of individual happiness and a sense of inclusion with one’s neighborhood. Results show that Americans had a ‘kindness quotient’ of 86%, meaning that they care about their neighbors 86% as much as they care about themselves. The study further revealed that small acts have a big impact, as the top cited acts of kindness for neighbors spanned organizing a local cleanup to simply telling them they matter.

In a recent Nextdoor poll, 9 out of 10 neighbors in the U.S. said they are planning to help others in December. Donating money or items topped the list (47%), followed by volunteering (22%), shopping local (15%), and hosting a fundraising event (6%). Giving can be simple and this holiday season, neighbors can take part in the Neighborhood Give Back in a number of ways.

  • Sell for Good: As a platform built on trust, Nextdoor is a valuable way to fundraise with neighborhood donors to support a mission. Located within the For Sale & Free experience on Nextdoor, Sell for Good enables neighbors to sell and buy goods that directly benefit local nonprofits. This year, Nextdoor has partnered with Feeding America to help end hunger in the neighborhood. Throughout the holiday season, neighbors who sell items through Sell for Good can donate all or a portion of the proceeds to Feeding America or other non-profit organizations. 
  • For Sale & Free: With many neighbors being more mindful about spending this season, For Sale & Free is a place to give or discover amazing local and, often free, finds.  For Sale & Free is the popular marketplace section of Nextdoor that enables neighbors to sell and give away personal items, sell homemade goods in the Neighbor Made category, list individually owned property for rent or sale, adopt a pet, and more. Neighbors can choose to list things in the marketplace during the holiday season and beyond. 
  • Events: Gathering with those nearby or giving time and energy to a cause is a great way to take part in the Neighborhood Give Back. Nextdoor’s newly launched Events feature allows neighbors to easily create an event and share it with those nearby. From neighborly gatherings or hosting a charitable event, Events lets neighbors post in the newsfeed or Nextdoor Groups to spread the word. Neighbors can see nearby Events on Discover, which features a new Events Map filter, allowing neighbors to explore a variety of local events within an interactive map experience.
  • Support Local Businesses: When local businesses thrive, neighborhoods thrive. Neighbors can shop small and give the gift of recommendations to show their support for their favorite neighborhood business this holiday season. A neighbor’s praise is one of the best ways to help a business get new customers. Additionally, neighbors can Fave a business on Nextdoor to show their love and ensure posts from that business show up prominently in their feed.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors All Year Round

Earlier this year, 100 outstanding neighbors were honored in the first-ever Nextdoor 100, a celebration of neighbors across America who improved their communities with small but meaningful acts of kindness. Richard Abrams, founder of Kingwood Kindness, was nominated by his community for his tireless work connecting those in his Gulf-coast community with resources during weather emergencies. 

“Many people in my community are tightening their belts this year,” said Richard Abrams, founder of Kingwood Kindness and Nextdoor 100 honoree. “But there are many opportunities to give back, even when budgets are tight. Nextdoor is a place where people can truly connect with one another, especially in times of need. It’s incredible there are tools like Sell for Good that empower everyday people, like me, to help meet the needs of those in our communities.”

As neighbors take part in the Neighborhood Give Back and raise donations through the Sell for Good feature, Kingwood Kindness is just one example of a local non-profit who can benefit from these efforts and in turn, benefit the community.  With more than 75 million verified neighbors on the Nextdoor platform, even small acts of giving this holiday could make a big difference in the neighborhood. 

To take part in the Neighborhood Give Back, download the free Nextdoor app or visit to give back to those nearby. Download Nextdoor’s holiday b-roll here.

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