Nextdoor and Verizon call on neighbors nationwide to join The Big Neighborhood MeetUp

Nextdoor and Verizon call on neighbors nationwide to join The Big Neighborhood MeetUp

Month-long movement encourages neighbors to connect with their community throughout September 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  July 27, 2022 — Nextdoor (NYSE: KIND) and Verizon today announced an upcoming initiative to encourage neighbor-to-neighbor connection across the country: The Big Neighborhood MeetUp. In honor of Nextdoor’s annual Neighbor Month in September and as part of Verizon’s #ACallForKindness campaign, this month-long movement is a call to action to recognize and build vital relationships with those nearby and to showcase the power of kindness.

Throughout the month of September, Nextdoor and Verizon will host #BigNeighborhoodMeetUp events in four cities across the country: Oakland, Houston, Chicago and Raleigh. Neighbors in each city will be invited to come together, enjoy a meal and conversation, and rekindle and strengthen bonds with their community. Plus, through the power of Verizon Home Internet, neighbors will be able to stay connected to their neighborhood long after the events are over.

People nationwide can also join the movement by making the commitment to connect with even just one neighbor this September. From a potluck picnic in the park to a backyard barbeque, participation in The Big Neighborhood MeetUp can be as simple as an invitation to coffee. To help neighbors across the country get involved, resources including how-tos, tips, icebreakers and ideas will be available at

“People visit Nextdoor every day seeking help, looking for word-of-mouth local recommendations, or the latest news from around their neighborhood,” said Sarah Friar, Chief Executive Officer, Nextdoor. “And while our app is a great start,  we believe that great communities are also created in real life. Through this partnership with Verizon, we’re eager to give communities the opportunity to meet, and join the campaign to build kinder, more connected neighborhoods – just by grabbing a coffee with the person next door.”

Additionally, the two companies will bring a fifth #BigNeighborhoodMeetUp to New York this October, timed with Advertising Week NYC. 

Verizon is committed to making the world a kinder place through its A Call For Kindness campaign. The campaign inspires kind acts through a multifaceted approach that leverages research, inspires people through art, educates people through kindness experts, and provides opportunities for people to quickly and easily choose kindness, no matter who they are or where they live. To take the kindness pledge and learn more about the campaign, visit

Visit for ongoing updates regarding this initiative, including the dates and details of the four in-market events. For the latest news and updates surrounding The Big Neighborhood MeetUp follow Nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, #BigNeighborhoodMeetUp

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