Inclusive Moderation Course

Learn to facilitate respectful conversations, and combat both conscious and unconscious bias with Nextdoor’s Inclusive Moderation course.

The Inclusive Moderation course is designed to help Neighborhood Team members facilitate respectful conversations by learning the history and psychology of both conscious and unconscious bias, and gain knowledge of the best practices for building inclusive, respectful, and kind communities—both on Nextdoor, and in the real world. This course is available to all Neighborhood Team members for free. Simply sign up using the same email address that you use with your Nextdoor account.

About the Inclusive Moderation course

Photo of Christina Blacken, instructor of Nextdoor's inclusive moderation course. The course teaches how to recognize both implicit racial bias, and explicit racial bias, as well as gives best practices for social media moderation.
Instructor: Christina Blacken

The neighborhood is the unit of change, and in an unpredictable social climate, the ability to have respectful conversations with one another is more important than ever. In order to help our Neighborhood Team members grow as leaders in their communities, we partnered with Christina Blacken of The New Quo—a leadership and inclusion consultancy, and industry expert—to build the interactive, self-paced online course designed to boost all of our inclusive communication and moderation skills.

To further underscore the importance of providing world-class education on this subject, we also partnered with Stanford SPARQ—a “do tank” that partners with industry leaders and change makers to reduce societal disparities and bridge social divides using insights from behavioral science—to measure the impact and efficacy of the course material on participant’s communication skills.

What will you gain by taking this course?

Nextdoor’s Inclusive Moderation course will help you to better understand the types of conversations you may experience online that are harmful to marginalized groups. The self-paced course has been proven to:

  • Increase a person’s ability to recognize bias in online conversations (e.g.: posts that may include use of microaggressions and stereotypes)
  • Increase a person’s sense of personal agency to combat any conscious or unconscious bias that they may see
  • Increase a person’s comfort in knowing how to react and moderate any online conversations that use biased language or experiences

After completing the course, >95% of participants indicated they would take action when they encounter scenarios of tone policing, racial profiling, and coded language. Analysis provided by Stanford SPARQ:

Feedback from course participants

“I feel more qualified to recognize and act upon posts that may potentially make members feel excluded.”

Anonymous participant, May 2021

“Very well thought out and researched. I was impressed with the depth of the subject matter.”

Anonymous participant, June 2021

“Excellent course material and a great speaker. Personal gain for me … I was always aware of what needs to be done but seeing it put in perspective here is so beneficial in helping me take ACTION. I will be able to not only contribute and educate the Next door folks about this but also my Girls Scout Troop as well as my family and friends.”

Anonymous participant, June 2021

“I understand that some of the things I thought or might have said could contribute to racial bias. I now understand that it’s important for everybody to come together and understand that people are different and we have to embrace it. Saying everyone is the same is racial bias.”

Anonymous participant, August 2021

Nextdoor’s racism, discrimination,
& hate speech policies

We have a strict policy against racism, discrimination, and hate speech of any kind. We are committed to removing any content (posts, comments, profile photos) or behavior that violates this policy. Furthermore, members who engage in this behavior will be subject to temporary or permanent removal from Nextdoor. Learn more about our policies and how Nextdoor users can help make their communities more inclusive, both online and offline with our anti-racism resources.