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G’day, Australia!

Today marks an exciting day for Nextdoor, with the official launch of Nextdoor in Australia, the first country to join the Nextdoor family from the Asia Pacific region and the seventh country outside of the U.S.

What they are saying

‘Loneliness is a health problem’: neighbourhood social network launches in Australia

“Tech unicorn Nextdoor launches in Australia on Tuesday and co-founder Nirav Tolia says the neighbourhood social network will “invest what it takes” to dominate in Australia.”

Nextdoor, social media unicorn that bills itself as the anti-Facebook, moves to Australia

“Nextdoor, one of the few social networks to attract a valuation over $US1 billion since Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter took hold last decade, is attempting to expand to Australia.”

Nextdoor, the social network for neighbours only, has launched in Australia

“Where Nextdoor can help, Tolia says, is to get these people together ‘not just virtually, but in the real world’ and to make ‘real world connections’.”